Quality Instant Printing
San Dimas, California
To provide full design services from pre-design through contract administration for the reconstruction and seismic strengthening of an unreinforced 2 story masonry building constructed in 1910. Also to work with the client to insure City participation in the historic preservation aspect of the project. Under the provisions of the California Unreinforced Masonry Code (URM) all buildings which pose a seismic hazard must be either strengthened, demolished or in another way mitigated. The local authority is responsible for administering the URM. Working on the behalf of the client DSS, together with the City of San Dimas, developed a program of loan guarantees whereby the client could benefit from lower interest rates and a more favorable ‘loan to value’ evaluation of the loan package by local lending organizations and banks. Without this program the project would not have been financially feasible for the client. The project budget was extremely low, less than $30/sf. This included a 1500 sf addition. All interior framing was replaced with the exception of the 2nd floor framing and roof framing. All finishes on all surfaces were taken back to the original brick and restored with new finishes. The storefront was entirely replaced with a new storefront. The building was made to comply with the handicap and energy conservation requirements and of California Title 24. The building was seismically strengthened.

The construction cost of the project was within the budget. The loan guarantee program developed with the City of San Dimas is now available to others who wish to undertake a similar project.

storefront facade interior

Client: Quality Instant Printing
Team: Design Source Studios
Structural Engineering: Robert Shaffer Engineering
Mechanical Engineering: Thomas DuHammel Engineering