Puddingstone Shopping Center Remodel & Facade Upgrade
San Dimas, California
To provide full design services from pre-design through contract administration for the reconstruction of the parking lot, new hardscape, landscape, and new facades for an existing shopping center built in 1967. This is a major center with a super market and major drug store as well as 10 smaller tenants. The Puddingstone shopping center is located across the street from the Civic Center in the City of San Dimas. As a result of multiple ownerships, lack of coordinated efforts, and very little maintenance the Center had become an eyesore. Because of it's proximity to the Civic Center the upgrade of the Center has been a priority of the City Council since 1990. The project was designed to be constructed in 2 phases because of City funding constraints. The first phase includes the parking lot, site drainage, hardscape and all below grade infrastructure. The second phase is primarily the new facades program. Additional aspects of the project include compliance with ADA requirements, design and construction of a 65 ft tall cellular communication tower designed to appear like a historic water tower, a pre-cast concrete structure which runs along the front of the new facades, site and parking lot lighting, and extensive sustainable landscaping throughout the project. Both phases are to be constructed under separate contracts.
exterior exterior exterior

Client: City of San Dimas
Team: Design Source Studios
Structural Engineering: Rober Shaffer Engineering
Precast Concrete Structure: William Reilly Engineering
Electrical Engineering: Steve Linn
Civil Engineer: RKA Civil Engineers
Landscape Architect: Perry & Associates; Moss & Associates