Methodology & Philosophy:

The Client /Architect interaction is central to the development of any and all aspects of design. As architects, we synthesize the production of this interaction within the evolution of an architectural project. We look carefully at the problems which our clients are trying to solve. We investigate the opportunities which the program and the site present. We then apply the tools of architecture to take advantage of such opportunities and to reconcile the problems in order to enhance our clients' lives.

Architecture is a product of building technology and an artifact of our human history; simultaneously an experience of reason and emotion. We use the most current technology to design projects which are responsive to our clients' needs while making a contribution to the environment as a whole. We strive to make the product of our work an intelligent, sustainable architecture which our clients will continue to use and enjoy for years to come. Design Source Studios is committed to a process oriented but not a process dominated approach to design. We use a design options approach in the design of a project. At the critical stages in the design process various options are investigated and presented to the client. The client actively participates in selecting the options which best suit the clients needs and desires. As Architects we focus the decision making process on the design critical aspects of the project and indicate the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

The cost of design is a fraction of the cost of construction. It is during the design phase where options and alternatives can be explored and understood without the costs associated with a construction change order. Clients who avoid the involvement of an architect, choosing to work directly with a general contractor, do so at some risk. The skills an Architect brings to the job are unlike those of any another member of the design and construction team. Architects are generalists who understand the possibility and the value of the design process. Architects have the tools to explore and illustrate the opportunities of a design concept.

As Architects we understand how to use the design process to benefit the final project outcome as regards design and economy. We discuss buildings economics and costs in a 'means and ends' context. We evaluate an appropriate design response and then try to determine the best, most economical means to achieve the end result. An economic savings without achieving the desired end result may not seem like a savings when confronted with an inadequate final product. As Architects we believe in the possibility and the value of design.

We have traveled extensively and have experience working and building in various parts of the United States and Europe. We draw on this experience when we approach the design of each project. The ability to draw on this rich and varied experience is unique to Design Source Studios and often results in unique and surprising results.