Johnstone Building, Adaptive Reuse of an Historic Building
San Dimas, California

To provide full design, engineering, and testing services to evaluate the current status of the building and to evaluate the feasibility for adaptive re-use of the building for new retail, housing, and office uses. The Johnstone Building was constructed in 1905 and is one of the most important historic buildings in the City of San Dimas California. The building was orginally a mixed use building with a rooming house on the 2nd floor over retail uses on the ground floor. For many decades the 2nd floor has remained empty. SAI was comissioned to evaluate the structural integrity of the buildings unreinforced masonry and to propose a method whereby the masonry could be strengthened so as to comply with the requirements of the current building code. Following the engineering study, SAI went on to design two a new 2nd floor plans, one for residential uses and another for commercial uses. SAI also provided a complete cost analysis for the construction of the project. These new plans comply with the current building code and are arranged entirely within the historic building shell with the exception of a new elevator and stair core. The future of this project is underconsideration by the San Dimas CIty Council.






Client: City of San Dimas
Team: Sorcinelli Architects Inc.
Structural Engineering: JKL Engineering
Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineer: RPM Engineering

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