Gladstone Residence
San Dimas, CA
To prepare plans and specifications for the construction of a new major addition to a historic residence in the historic town core of the City of San Dimas. The original house was constructed in 1906 as a single story 4 room building. In 1925 a two story addition was constructed to the east side of the original house. In 2009 the new one story addition was designed by SAI. This new addtion included a new kitchen, family room and home theatre, laundry/pantry, den, and a new guest bath room. The new addtion was sited at the front of the existing building and provided a new garden promenade to the main entrance as well as opeing up the living space of the house to the native landscape areas to the east. Previously these areas were not able to be viewed from the interior of the house. This new easten aspect is compatable with the hot Southern California climate. The interior of the addtion is a combination of modern convenience and traditional timber detailing which relates well to the older parts of the house. The house is shingled in the crafstman style with traditional cedar shingles. Clear heart redwood was used for all of the large exterior members. model

Client: Gladstone Family
Team: Sorcinelli Architects Inc
Structural Engineering: Robert Shaffer Engineering