David Fried Residence
Monterey, California
To prepare plans and specifications for the construction of a new 7,500sf home on a 25 acre site in Monterey County. The topography of the site is that of a large amphitheater rising above the treetops as one moves away from the California coastline. The City of Monterey and the Pacific Ocean are visible in the distance off to the west.  The owner required a large house with distinct public and private realms. The center of the public realm being a large library/conference area located off the primary formal entrance. A private guest house for friends and family members is attached to the main building at the upper level, with access from both the entry approach and the private garage level. The main house incorporates a gymnasium with steam bath and Japanese hot tub, a large library /conference room, a large living room with upper level gallery, a home office, a kitchen, dining room, and 2 bedrooms.  While the architecture of this house echos the historic vernacular of the region, its design also reflects many fresh and inventive differences. view from drive-1

Client: Dr. David Fried
Team: Design Source Studios
Structural Engineering: Rober Shaffer Engineering
Electrical Engineering: Engineering Resources

view from drive-2 arrival view balcony detail master suite balcony hillside view arrival court balcony-1 balcony-2 kitchen entry balcony detail living room library master bedroom window detail